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Our Projects

Safe Futures Rescue Program

Still in its preliminary planning stages, the Homes, Schools, Futures Project is one which greatly excites our entire team at Reinstalling Hope. Throughout each of our partner schools, we have found stories of bright, intelligent students who are also orphans or victims of domestic abuse. Although these children are some of the hardest-working in their schools, their futures are seriously jeopardized by dangers or uncertainties at home. Through discussions with students, faculty, and community members, Reinstalling Hope is looking to provide stable living situations and educational access to a group of high-achieving students from unsafe family backgrounds. Our current proposal is to purchase living space suitable for 5 students in the Kritipur region of Kathmandu, and move at-risk students into this space. We would provide supervision and living necessities, alongside proximity to and enrollment in a high-quality partner school. Other options are being considered for partnership with farther-off boarding schools. This would be Reinstalling Hope’s most ambitious project to date. However, we hope that by providing such an opportunity we may not only save victims of domestic abuse, but also give these children a better future than they could have ever imagined.

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Hour of Code

In a rapidly-expanding world of technology, fluency with computers is critical for success beyond the classroom. Hour of Code, an online learning initiative that has reached tens of millions of students, is the perfect tool for our team to introduce Nepali students to the endless possibilities of technology. We plan to hold several of these events in the near future, giving students at our partner schools a glimpse of what their creativity can produce

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Equality in Education

Equality in Education Initiative is a promise to ourselves, our schools, and our donors that we will seek equality — for all genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds — in all that we do. Most notably, this plays a key role in our scholarship distribution. Each year we ensure that girls and boys receive equivalent financial support, and have an equal voice when talking to our team members. If we are to help lift up impoverished Nepali communities, we must make sure to pay attention to all groups and individuals involved!

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Dalit Empowerment

Caste and gender based discrimination is still prevalent in rural Nepal. Although there has been gradual improvement, there is still a lot to be done in this field. Due to a prevalent superstition, the so called low caste people (Dalits) are treated as ‘untouchables.’ Badachaur in Sitapur VDC of Arghakhanchi district is one of the most affected areas. Dalit students are deprived of education because they are poor and come from lower caste. The “high caste” people there think that contact with the ‘low caste’ people will pollute them. Discrimination is practiced widely in all spheres. The locals don’t realize that the caste system was formulated in the past for the purpose of work division and has no contemporary relevance. The main objective of this project is to build a sense of community where everyone is treated equally and to launch various income generation activities within the village.

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Clean Hands, Clear Minds

Beginning in 2017, the Clean Hands, Clear Minds Project was developed by our Nepali officers with student health in mind. Research clearly shows that student well-being is imperative for success in the classroom. Adequate nutrition, hygiene, and sleep are all essential factors for optimal learning. With this knowledge, our team has organized a series of health and hygiene seminars at each of our partner schools. The seminar series is supported by dedicated Public Health students in nearby Kathmandu universities, who fully understand how health can impact children and communities. With the help of our team, these experts teach students of all ages about hygiene and strategies for staying healthy, in order to promote happy and high-achieving students!

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