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P.O. Box 9227
Kirtipur, Kathmandu
Nepal, 44600
Tel. +977- 4336483


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USA Contact

P. O. Box 1194
Gambier, OH
USA     43022
Tel. +1 (740) 485-2921

If you are interested in volunteering in Nepal, please see Volunteer Now. If you have a general inquiry, please email us.

As a non-profit organization we rely on donations from generous people from around the world to conduct our project, mobilize volunteers and pay the annual school fees and related costs of needy children. Reinstalling Hope plans to publish all our expenses on our website. We vow to maintain transparent finances. Please give us feedback on how we can work better. The amount you donate will be used for tuition fees, room and board, transportation, conducting trainings, creating promotional items, books, sports equipment, uniform, lab and exam fees. Please email us if you have further questions.


For direct deposit to our Chase account, please email us at “”.